YotStik Carbon - Plush Brush

By YotStik

Washing Made Easy thanks to the New Plush•Brush. A 10” wraparound extra-soft bit of kit that will demolish tough clean ups. This thing is a soap magnet. It’s big without being cumbersome. Still fits in your bucket and won’t scratch your finish thanks to the protective side bristles. No more of the ubiquitous gunwale gouges caused by those “other” brushes. We’ve got you covered; in SOFTNESS

The Plush•Brush is fitted with our proprietary 3k carbon fiber insert tube for 100% corrosion free integration with the Yot•Stik system. And it’s locked in place permanently so it will never loosen and leave you searching for a screwdriver

Super soft flagged filament

•Incredible cleaning power

•Protective side bristles

•Corrosion free

•Rot free

•Stress free


If we could wash the yacht for you we would, but the Plush•Brush will make it feel like we are there helping…

 ⚠️ Although our system is compatible with some existing “metal based” cleaning brands, we do not recommend use, or warranty our gear, when paired with non Yotstik deck tools.


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